we are...

...exactly what you've been waiting for: inexpensive recording for the budget-minded recording artist.

Everything is a single rate, whether it's recording, editing, engineering, mixing or mastering. Whatever you want to do, it's all one hourly rate.


At only $40.00 per hour, you can easily get your recording projects done no matter what is needed.

(And we don't charge for set-up time, which sometimes can be an hour while mic'ing drums and setting recording levels and making test runs.)

Random Warp Studios is a beginning-to-finish production. We have all the equipment that you need to record and finish your songs.

Just simply bring in your instruments and plug in and play. We'll do the rest to make you sound top-notch.

recording booth

But here is a new feature that sets Random Warp Studios apart from the rest:

If your project isn't going the way you had hoped, or if you don't like the finished product... guess what? YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY!

That's right. Not a single dime. You can simply walk away from the project and all you will have lost is your time.

Let's say that you're in the middle of a song and nothing has gone right. (It happens.) What to do? The drums are a mess. The vocal track isn't sounding right at all. You're not liking the sound and you just want to walk away.

Been there, done that. We understand. So let's start over. Right from the beginning. Wipe the slate clean. You owe nothing.

We hope you'd give us a chance to make it right, but you can still simply walk away and owe not a single red cent.

And no one is going to give you any grief or guilt. It's just part of the deal.

mic and monitor
DAW console

Got an off-the-wall idea? Want to record something in a totally unconventional way? Want to experiment around?

So do we! That is how great things are discovered!

We are totally open-minded to new ideas and new recording and editing techniques.

If you don't have the right instruments, you can use some of ours. We have a drum kit, keyboards, bass and guitar. As well as an assortment of recording mics. guitars
mixer Recording is done with a Phonic FireWire mixer and mixed digitally on computer. We are capable of recording up to 16 channels simultaneously.

We're located in the San Antonio area. You can bring in your band all at once, or (preferably) bring each member in individually to add tracks as needed.

drum mics Whether your style is good ol' rock'n'roll, dance/techno, or country, give Random Warp Studios a try. You won't be disappointed.