a few samples of our work

about this song...
Lighthouse Renevus

We are especially proud of the live drums, and our part in the synthesizer sequence compositions, as well as the vocal engineering

Desert Song Christina Branz Listen for the marching drum line, clear and strong vocals
Wash Over Me Caroline Donohue
Listen to the unique way we have recorded the acoustic guitar and high-definition of the vocals
Sing Glory
(with Hark!
The Herald
Angels Sing)
[E]nd Of File Over 60 hours were put into this track: 9 layered vocal recordings in a one-of-a-kind Christmas Eurodance.

We are very proud of the string interlude sequence toward the end of the sample.
Knowledge Celebrate
The Villain
We can record your rap tracks, and it will sound incredible.
Adrift In
Deep Space
Benjamin Solomon Ethereal guitar that makes you get your lighter out

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